Green Your IT

Green Your ITPut your Sustainable IT Plan into Practice
IT equipment and power usage are a major source of carbon emission and energy consumption, thus IT Managers are in the frontline to bring results with minimal effort.
You will be surprised how you can save the planet, save money and improve your business infrastructure at the same time. Contact us today to discuss the possibilites. Your business and planet will appreciate the effort.

The IT Department for Organizations Without Their Own

Affordable, Personalized, Responsive

Tech Tonics can act as your tailored IT department or supplement your current staff. Consistently, our clients experience a reduced cost of IT compared to hiring their own IT staff, yet have the benefit of a team of IT professionals there when you need them. Tech Tonics’ knowledgeable and experienced staff know that working together to find the right strategy saves time, reduces overall costs, and creates satisfied relationships.

Remote Support

We offer immediate results with Remote Support.  If you have an Internet connection we can start a remote session and troubleshoot pressing issues quickly and effectively. Remote Support eliminates the time required to schedule an appointment or arrange an on-site visit. Contact us today to see if this solution is right for you.

Managed Services

Proactive Management of Your Business Infrastructure
We are trusted by our clients to help them achieve what is important to them: namely, providing service to their own customers and strategically transforming their business, rather than investing precious time and resources in managing their core technology infrastructure.